2nd Party Audits

Verified supplier competence to ensure quality throughout your supply chain

Quality products are made up of quality components sometimes provided by external sources both close to home and far away.

Our independent evaluation makes certain that current and future suppliers, both domestic and foreign, meet or exceed your established premium standards.

What we offer

Our experienced auditors conduct fast and efficient 2nd party audits as part of an effective supplier management system to ensure competence throughout your supply chain. We provide recognized services to help you identify reliable sources when developing new products and support you in searching for alternative suppliers for parts currently in use. We assist you in realizing your cost reduction efforts, investigating quality issues, controlling corrective actions, and performing maintenance audits as part of your rigorous supplier management system.
As part of our comprehensive 2nd party audit services, we:
  • Develop an audit plan focused on defined objectives tailored to each supplier
  • Meet with the supplier to discuss audit parameters and answer questions
  • Review file documentation and verify success of any corrective actions of current suppliers
  • Examine process control documents
  • Observe the flow of raw materials and product through the facility
  • Inspect storage areas
  • Ensure a separate and clearly marked holding area for non-compliant product is in place
  • Determine whether the supplier is able to meet quantity and delivery demands
  • Document evidence of non-conformity
  • Prepare and share the audit report
  • Determine timeline for corrective actions, implement preventive action when necessary
Even gold standard suppliers may experience a quality issue of some sort. An effective supplier audit system aims to prevent any quality issue that might arise from affecting your customer at any time in any way.

Gain from our expertise

  • Our experts have many years of experience in customized audits and assessments
  • Our international auditor network stands ready to assist you everywhere you operate
  • Our portfolio contains over 40 accreditations we are authorized to perform, and our services can be combined to provide maximum benefits