Connectivity Testing

Comprehensive Global Network of Wireless and Connectivity Testing Facilities

Today, connectivity is essential to keep our world running. Wireless technologies make it possible to connect people and objects across the Globe. The fast growing number of connected devices are part of our daily life at work, at home and on the road.

It is important that those wireless technologies are safe to use, provide the right functionalities and interoperate between devices regardless of the connecting interface used. Furthermore, they have to be compliant with national and international regulations, managing the technology’s impact on society.
DEKRA provides the most extensive range of connectivity services to verify compliance with regulatory authorities, industry associations and proprietary enterprises from parametric to user experience tests.
Our wide range of connectivity testing services cover short-range, Low-Power-Wide-Area and cellular testing services as well as wired testing activities for multiple vertical markets and purposes. DEKRA’s connectivity testing services are non-regulatory, which means that they are based on interest groups, other third parties or OEM product requirements.
DEKRA’s comprehensive connectivity testing service portfolio consists of:
  • Wireless testing
  • Mobile communications testing (Cellular)
  • Telecom network and service provider solutions
  • Connected driving, IoT and M2M testing