Endurance Testing

Thorough Endurance and Driving Dynamics Testing

Thorough endurance testing of the whole vehicle and its driving dynamics are crucial to identify any potential defects that might lead to the endangering of road traffic safety. With decades of experience, DEKRA’s endurance testing experts focus squarely on the vehicle as a complete system.

About Endurance Testing

DEKRA has over 130 test drivers and four European automotive test locations, with our drivers covering more than 20 million kilometers each year performing open road and test track validation testing. Our automotive testing specialists validate tires, vehicles and all other types of equipment and functions. DEKRA’s endurance testing experts cover all the required modern test modules on DEKRA’s own test and measurement tracks at the at the DEKRA Automobile Test Center but also on open road, performing driving dynamics tests pursuant to all relevant EC/ECE regulations, DIN and ISO standards, or to meet specific guidelines of vehicle manufacturers.
In addition to a 5.8 km-long high-speed track with parabolic banked corners, the DEKRA Test Oval offers our customers:
  • An ABS track - corresponding to ECE-R13, formerly directive 71/320/EEC, and ECE-R78, formerly directive 93/14/EEC
  • Five coverings - two wet asphalt, blue basalt, concrete, and plastic
  • An irrigated driving dynamics surface with a diameter of 150 meters
  • A slalom track of 300 x 30 meters
  • An off-road course
  • Various circuits and Grand Prix tracks for endurance runs and benchmarks