Periodical Inspections of Machinery and Equipment

Mandatory or Expediting Periodical Inspections of Machinery, Devices, Equipment and well as of Playgrounds and Sport Facilities

DEKRA assists manufacturers by providing a wide range of periodical inspection services for machinery and equipment and of playgrounds and sport facilities. There are numerous situations in which national legislations call for mandatory inspections of machinery and equipment to be carried out by an approved inspection body. DEKRA is accredited to carry out such work in many countries around the world.

About Periodical Inspections

With our comprehensive know-how and many years of practical experience, DEKRA’s machinery and equipment experts are fully accredited to offer support in periodical inspections of machinery, lifting equipment other equipment and devices as well as of playgrounds and sport facilities equipment. Our customers have to fulfil different national regulations or, if they are not the owner or the main operator, they are required to deliver inspection reports to their customer.
DEKRA offers following periodical inspection services:
  • Periodical Inspections
  • Mandatory inspections according legislation or expediting inspections in accordance to ISO/EN Standards
  • Inspection that fulfill insurance regulations in several countries
  • Oil and grease analysis for wear-based maintenance of gear boxes or any rotating assembly as used in railway vehicles, wind turbines and other machinery
The periodical inspection services are offered on a wide range of machinery and equipment that includes at least:
  • Machinery and Equipment for production, storage, handling and lifting goods, materials and products as well as for maintenance tasks on vehicles, buildings or traffic equipment. It includes machinery or devices connected to any kind of vehicle and construction machinery as excavators.
  • Machinery for lifting or transport persons or persons and goods as well as ladders, fall protection systems, chain hoists (also in wind energy turbines) and sling gear
  • Aviation equipment as well as railway vehicles and their bogies with inspection mainly based on non-destructive material testing methods
  • Equipment for theaters, sports facilities (suspended loads), on playgrounds and in amusement parks as well as temporary buildings as stages and funfair devices
According to the specific national regulations the inspection is done for selected equipment as a 3rd party organization or person and for any other equipment and additional services on all equipment as a 2nd party service.