Periodical Inspections of Electrical Installations and Lightning Protection

Ensuring safety and functionality through regular inspections

DEKRA is a leading global provider of electrical installation inspections. In many countries, DEKRA operates as an accredited body or with specially authorized electrical inspectors to carry out mandatory periodical inspections of electrical installations.

Periodical Inspections of Electrical Installations and Equipment

DEKRA’s Periodical Inspections service allows our customers to ensure their electrical installations meet all the necessary regulatory requirements, ensuring the safety of their employees. Our periodic interventions also allow our customers to optimize their scheduled maintenance actions. Electrical installations include all electrical equipment used for the production, conversion, distribution or use of electrical energy.
Periodic verifications carried out by DEKRA’s electrical installation experts verify that installations are maintained in compliance with all requirements applicable to them.

Our scope

  • Stationary electrical systems as well as portable device (all equipment that can be connected to the mains supply), stationary device (washing machine, climatic cabinet,…) and stationary equipment (pump, vessel,…)
  • Electrical installations of machines according to IEC 60 204
  • Safety power supplies
    • Safety lighting
    • Safety power generation systems
    • Safety power supply networks