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As globalisation continues and the world becomes smaller, consumers’ expectations with regards to product safety, quality, user-friendliness and environmental sustainability are constantly on the rise.
What's more, European, American, Asian and other international authorities impose civil and criminal liabilities upon importers and brand owners, who are considered to have the same responsibilities as if they were manufacturers. Hence, the survival of many companies depends on their ability to deliver a quality product.
Global operators therefore need to constantly monitor new regulations and standards amendments. For companies with hundreds of products in their portfolios, this complexity can pose a real threat.
The DEKRA Certification Group is fully competent to help you improve your QA processes and to correctly allocate your QC budget, contributing to a cost-effective quality system in your endeavour to deliver compliant products. Committed to safety and quality for 9 decades, DEKRA takes a proactive position in securing your products’ compliance according to the destination markets and can help you monitor your supply chain by means of a wide service portfolio, out of which you may choose a comprehensive, customised program or just single services to satisfy specific needs that arise at any stage of your supply chain.

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