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DEKRA Adaptive BBS™

Sustainable improvements in behavior-based safety

Behavior-based safety programs contribute significantly to lower risk and better safety outcomes across industries. However, over time, companies may experience stagnation in terms of safety performance as initial enthusiasm wanes and the spotlight shifts to other issues.

An adaptive software solution for behavior-based safety
An adaptive software solution for behavior-based safety

To sustain its effectiveness, the processes and habits created and promoted through behavior-based safety programs need consistent attention and motivation. Supportive software can make a tremendous difference when it comes to avoiding safety stagnation.

Our experts have meticulously researched behavior-based safety programs and tools in order to understand how to improve the sustainability of the progress made under these systems. As a result, our new software solution is designed to combat organizational blindness and revitalize any behavior-based safety program. DEKRA Adaptive BBS™ is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) system and a fundamental module in our Adaptive HSE Suite.

Your Benefits

Behavior-based safety software
Benefits of DEKRA Adaptive BBS™

  • Robust engagement at all levels through enabling simple, timely and individualized observation and feedback loops.
  • Configuration of reporting, dashboards, data visualization and more to effectively tailor its support to your Behavior-Based Safety Program.
  • From observation, feedback, to action – this software tool streamlines the process to promote and facilitate improvement actions to drive real change.

Our Approach

We have developed Adaptive BBS™ as part of our Adaptive HSE Suite to ensure that organizations can sustain progress made through behavior-based safety programs, maintain a wide field of view and prevent organizational blindness. To these ends, our Adaptive BBS™ software includes a range of innovative features:

  • Simplified observation process: the interface is so user-friendly observations can be logged in 10 seconds while maintaining quality and context
  • Emphasis on feedback: convenient opportunities to respond to observers, easily view observation statistics and intervene in a timely and targeted manner
  • Configuration: personal dashboards, ad hoc reporting, data that delivers insights, configurable alerts and notifications, etc.

Software solution for behavior-based safety management
Preview of our software solution DEKRA Adaptive BBS™

Our Adaptive BBS™ also takes advantage of the latest developments in technology to support safety goals:

  • Cloud-based, SaaS system that ensures automatic updates, maintenance, etc.
  • GDPR compliant and ISO certified
  • Geolocation mapping makes comparisons easier and contextualizes data
  • Machine learning, natural language and sentiment analysis capabilities sharpen data-based insights

Adaptive BBS™ is compatible with any behavior-based methodology or process. For companies currently using RINCON or similar software, importing services are available to make the transition to Adaptive BBS™ as smooth as possible. For companies who have not yet implemented HSE software, Adaptive BBS™ is a user-friendly, highly customizable tool to support your behavior-based safety efforts.

Behavior-based machine learning – DEKRA Adaptive BBS™


  • We are a team of behavior-based safety and technology specialists.
  • We have the expertise, tools and resources to improve safety in any organization.
  • We specialize in supporting sustainable behavior-based safety around the world.
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