Environmental Due Diligence

Professional environmental site assessments and compliance audits

Before making purchases or investments in new properties or industrial sites it is imperative to fully understand your environmental risks. Only through proper environmental due diligence that investigates potential liabilities, renovation needs and hidden costs can you make informed decisions.

Our consultants carry out environmental site assessments and compliance audits and provide insightful advice to help you negotiate a fair price, advantageous contract terms and understand the difference between an attractive opportunity and a money pit. We conduct environmental due diligence according to international standards as well as national regulations and guidelines.
Your Benefits
  • Expert appraisals of the environmental aspects of properties and investments
  • Informed decision making that saves money
  • Reduced investment risks
Our Approach
Keeping efficiency and quality in the forefront, our environmental due diligence consists of two primary phases:
  • Phase I: We identify and assess potential risks
  • Phase II: We investigate and quantify substantial risks in detail
We adapt our services to meet customer needs, taking into consideration the type of property or investment in question. For the sale or purchase of companies, buildings and property, our consultants carry out an environmental site assessment, which includes:
  • Assessment of risks or vulnerabilities related to location
  • Contamination and hazardous substance detection, both in structures and soil
  • Assessment of the ecological sensitivity of the current usage
For the purchase of industrial or commercial properties with environmentally sensitive facilities, we perform a compliance audit, including:
  • Review of relevant environmental laws
  • Assessment of permit needs and status
  • Evaluation of operational organization and environmental management
  • Other topics as needed, i.e. occupational safety, operational safety, etc.
  • We are environmental due diligence experts.
  • We have a thoroughgoing knowledge of applicable laws and regulations.
  • We specialize in environmental site assessments and compliance audits.