Sustainability Assistance and Services

Fostering sustainability for growth and excellence

Is it sustainable? This question applies to nearly every aspect of business today, from products to processes to organizational models, and the answer, in a world of dwindling resources and mounting challenges, must be affirmative. Investing in sustainability, in fact, is an investment in the future of your business, your employees and the greater community. Fortunately, sustainable practices are often more efficient and economical than the conventional approach.

Our experts show you how to specialised that respond to your company’s needs. We specialize in green building and construction, providing assessments of existing structures and plans to maintain or implement sustainability criteria for organizations in this sector. Our specialists are also experienced in carrying out critical reviews of data related to product Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs), promoting transparency and responsibility in the development, use and recycling of a wide range of products. The electrical and electronics sector, in particular, is subject to regulation in the EU that requires manufacturers to take responsibility for their products’ environmental footprint, and we have a team dedicated to providing support in this area. Whether the topic is compliance or education or corporate sustainability management, we are equipped to provide innovative, tailored services that help you reach your sustainability goals.