Digital Industrial Optimization for Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks

Optimizing Workflow Processes Involving Elevators, Escalators and Moving Walks

DEKRA uses state-of-the art data management and analysis solutions to optimize the safety level of workflows and processes in various industrial applications ranging from the automotive, rail and electric, manufacturing and process industry to testing and inspection services.

About Optimizing Workflow Processes involving Elevators

Due to our experience with elevators, lifting equipment and machinery in the DEKRA group worldwide, we can support you to improve and optimize existing equipment to fit the expectations of your costumers and guests with a better equipment performance. After analyzing and evaluating your equipment and collecting data from connected devices, DEKRA experts develop a specific and transparent evaluation report on comfort and reliability of your equipment. The digital solution can range from:
  • Global overview of regulatory requirements and the level of compliance
  • Interactive data analysis and intelligent data visualization
  • Access to inspection results, measurement reports and documentation
Digital industrial optimization services involving lifts is carried out by DEKRA’s experts with special equipment or with specialist applications on mobile devices. Our customers and their maintenance staff can obtain an accurate measurement of the overall comfort and properties of their equipment. They are also able to analyze acceleration and stopping accuracy and any potential issues with hydraulic lifts, such as valve or oil temperature related problems. As an installer, the customer is also able to show and document the behavior of a lift after installation.
For passenger lifts, load lifts, lifts in accordance with the Machinery Directive with person transport, and goods lifts, DEKRA’s digital industrial optimization services include:
  • Analysis and documentation of passenger and load lifts with LiKoS Liftscan by our experts
  • Analysis and documentation of a short time period with the LiKoS-App for all kinds of lifts
This is done as a 2nd party service or via an application with server-based analysis.
Our digital industrial optimization services for lifts includes:
  • Formal reporting management
  • Automated alerts
  • Integration of inspection data and other information such as technical documentation and customer specific documentation.
  • Real-time overview of all connected assets (if technically possible and relevant)
  • Analysis of process and service data
  • Analysis and evaluation of current workflow
  • Development of a customer specific solution
  • Implementation of a centralized data management system