Vehicle Management Services

Fast, Flexible and Efficient Vehicle Management Services

DEKRA has been a world leader in providing business-to-business vehicle management services since 1985, offering a wide range of in-fleet services, de-fleet services, inspections, logistics, responsibility and property transfer, marketing, sales and customer care centers.

With the rapid advancement of the mobility sector, the trend to mobility as a service, the growth of the shared economy and the need for sustainable, eco-friendly solutions, we are extending and evolving our range of vehicle and fleet management services to incorporate connected driving and examinations of electrical vehicles. Our experts are innovating in artificial and virtual intelligence, developing deep learning solutions to secure safety, both on the roads and within our customers’ processes.
Our vehicle management solutions are developed to support manufacturers, leasing and rental companies, fleet operators, dealers and all other mobility players, enabling them to master their remarketing chains and increase the efficiency of their business. DEKRA is also a valuable partner in our customers’ subsequent sales processes for their vehicles. Our experts offer support in the form of on-site service and in the provision of market-leading tools and technologies designed to increase the satisfaction of the end customer.
Today’s fast-evolving sector of mobility, where owners and users of vehicles are changing faster than ever before, demands fast, flexible, efficient and accessible solutions. DEKRA’s specialist knowledge and extensive experience makes us a trusted and reliable partner for you to reduce lead-times, increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs of remarketing chains.