Design Review of Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Assisting Manufacturers with Design Verification of Machinery and Equipment and of Industrial Lifting Equipment

DEKRA assists manufacturers or operators by providing a wide range of design verification services for machinery and equipment.

About Design Verification

With our comprehensive know-how and many years of practical experience, DEKRA’s machinery and equipment experts are fully accredited to offer support in the planning and design phase of manufacture. DEKRA provides a unique combination of assessment and inspection services during the design, construction and manufacturing stage of industrial machinery and equipment, to fulfil directives and/or other legislations.
The design review of industrial machinery and equipment is carried out by DEKRA’s experienced experts and is part of the first inspection. It guarantees the safe inspection and operation of all the main design aspects. It can also be done as a separate service for older equipment.
DEKRA’s design review ensures that your design meets all the requirements of operation and standards. It can include the drawings, the calculations and the functional and mechanical safety as described by technical standards.
The design review focuses on the following parts or aspects of machinery:
  • Steelwork construction of any machinery
  • Complete review of electrical and mechanical design (i.e. mobile buildings, lifting equipment, devices)
  • Maximum loads and dimension of lifting equipment and devices
  • Dimension of drives, breaks, bearings and connections including screws or welding
  • Electrical and functional safety of machinery or equipment
  • Review of drive dimension for uncritical vibration behavior of machinery that is installed on a suspended ceiling or upper floor of a building.