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Product inspections

Maintaining High Levels of Product Quality Worldwide

DEKRA’s product inspection specialists offer customers their extensive experience and a wide range of services, helping manufacturers to maintain a high standard of quality across multiple production sites worldwide.

The benefits of Product Inspections

  • Maintain a high standard of quality across multiple production sites worldwide

  • Ensure your products are being produced to the applicable standards

  • Guarantees that your products meet all national and international standards

Product Inspections

About Product Inspections

Do you want to make sure your products are not only safe, but also have the intended quality and performance across different production centers? In today’s complex supply chains and with an ever-shorter time to market this can be quite challenging. DEKRA’s product inspection specialists can help you. Maintaining the same level of product quality across different production centers worldwide is increasingly important for today’s global manufacturers.

DEKRA’s range of product inspection services include:

  • Construction check
  • In-line inspection
  • During production inspection (DUPRO)
  • Factory inspection
  • Initial production check
  • Final random inspection (FRI)
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Loading supervision
  • Factory audit (FA)
  • Other inspection services

We are accredited by IECEE, RvA, Hoklas, CNAS, ZLS, DAR, EMSD, NVLAP (Shanghai Lab CODE 200964-0 and Guangzhou Lab CODE 201056-0), GCC and A2LA. Our accreditation guarantees reliable and unbiased tests. DEKRA is present worldwide, so you can do business with an office in your area. We are also located close to your suppliers, so we can undertake the audits, tests and inspections more quickly.