Whitepaper: Make It Work! Key Aspects for Successful Operations of Autonomous Mobility and Logistics Services

The mobility and logistics industries along with many other business sectors are on the cusp of revolution as highly automated and fully autonomous vehicles are poised to disrupt long-standing hierarchies and supply chains. In the midst of these changes, safety becomes a primary differentiator among the new purveyors of mobility concepts, promising to transport people and goods and provide services in more efficient, innovative ways.
Autonomous mobility and logistics concepts involve new players situated between the OEMs and the end users. Systems integrators will be dedicated to assembling the tech solutions necessary for a given service, and service providers will be the client-facing companies who operate the technology.
The implications for safety are substantial. In a nutshell: the individual parts or aspects of upcoming automated and autonomous vehicles may be “safe,” but integrating them into a service-oriented product and operating automated or autonomous fleets require additional safety concepts with a special focus on the interfaces and those situations which are currently controlled by physically present humans.
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