Applying Automotive SPICE ® Training

Understanding the ASPICE theory and expectations is great but applying them in the ECU software system development is where the realization happens. This virtual training provides “practical understanding on how to apply ASPICE” in projects.

Training Objective

Enable deep and practical understanding of ASPICE practices (VDA scope) and on how to and apply them in projects

Training Format

Online Training Course


18th-20th August, 2023


3 full day online training with an exam to take on the last day of training

Target audience

Engineering team leads and engineers from system, software, hardware and validation functional areas, project managers and quality practitioners


  • Introduction to ASPICE
  • Practical application of base practices at L1 (VDA scope)
    • Application for base practices
    • VDA guidelines
    • Watch out for avoiding pitfalls
  • Practical application of generic practices at L2
  • Extension to FuSa and CySec

Take Away

  • Deep understanding of
  • Applying ASPICE in projects
  • Additional care of FuSa and CySec features.
  • Typical pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  • How to demonstrate during ASPICE assessment
  • Certification upon successful completion of exam


Basic software development and / or ECU development experience helps in understanding practical application of the ASPICE concepts in automotive ECU projects.

No. of participants:

15-20 max

How can I participate?

Fill-up the form below for registration or alternatively please contact: Himanshu Kulkarni I +91 9890355554