Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Management

Transparency through external verification of corporate sustainability reporting

Organizations’ social and environmental performance is increasingly relevant for investors, partners, policy makers and customers. Companies communicate their strategy in these areas by compiling a Corporate Sustainability Report which documents the risks and consequences of all ecological and social aspects of their business.

Sustainability reporting signals to potential investors, partners, regulators and the public that your organization is dedicated to long-term viability and resource stewardship. It is also required by law in some countries and goes hand-in-hand with environmental impact evaluations and social performance assessments.
As external auditors, we review and verify your company’s Corporate Sustainability Report objectively, which builds trust and confidence among your stakeholders. Our experts highlight strengths and reveal weaknesses in the reporting as well as providing insights on how to improve. With our Corporate Sustainability Report verification, you take advantage of opportunities to enhance internal processes while securing your position externally as a forward-thinking organization.

The benefits of verified sustainability reporting

  • An objective assessment of your company’s CSR that enhances its reliability
  • A reputation for environmental and social responsibility among partners and the public
  • An awareness of improvement potential in all aspects of social and environmental performance
  • Reliable, verified data for use in planning and decision-making

Our Approach

Through our verification process, our experts support clients in complying with external standards, reaching their individual sustainability goals and cultivating a lasting environmentally and socially conscious mindset. We review companies’ sustainability reporting to assess how information is collected, analyzed and presented. Our expert audits not only confirm strengths, but also indicate areas for improvement.

Report criteria

Our verification process is structured to reflect the criteria central to sustainability reporting. This means that the information provided in the report must be:
  • Comprehensive: include all data related to social or environmental performance
  • Accurate: utilize robust data suitable for planning and decision making
  • Objective: present data in a balanced manner, free from bias
  • Appropriate for comparison: useful for comparison over time or between organizations
In addition, the organization should establish mechanisms for eliciting and responding to stakeholder feedback regarding the contents of the Corporate Sustainability Report.

Customized audits

We adjust our approach to suit the needs of individual clients. Taking into account the industry and organization size, as well as the company’s current data collection methods, previous reporting experience and goals, we fine tune our processes. Six factors influence the contours of the audit:
  • Scope of the report (full or partial)
  • Number and type of indicators for verification
  • Number of sites, individuals and stakeholders involved
  • Inclusion/exclusion of supply chain, subsidiaries, holding company, etc.
  • Reference to standards, i.e. AA100, GRI, ISO 26000, The Sustainability Code (DNK)
  • Stakeholder participation

Gain from our expertise

  • We are experts in corporate sustainability reporting who bring a fresh, unbiased perspective to Corporate Sustainability Report verification.
  • We have a global network of experienced specialists with comprehensive knowledge of relevant international and local regulations.
  • We specialize in helping companies optimize and effectively report on their environmental and social performance.