Mystery Shopping

Gain uncensored access to your customer experience through our mystery shopping strategies

Automotive mystery shopping according to a checklist provides a magnifying glass enabling you to examine the quality, effectiveness and personal reach of your frontline customer service strategies and representatives.

It offers a unique opportunity for critical analysis and improvement based on the unfiltered, real-life experiences of your customers.

About Automotive Mystery Shopping

We provide a comprehensive automotive mystery shopping package with services tailored to your particular needs – from beginning to end.
Our experts follow a step-by-step approach, working with you to plan and execute your automotive mystery shopping project:
  1. Project kick-off
  2. Preparation and validation
  3. Management of qualified shoppers and planning
  4. Mystery shopping according to established guidelines
  5. Reporting
  6. Review meetings
We develop effective mystery shopping strategies for the automotive sector to objectively evaluate your services from your customer’s point of view.

Gain from our expertise

  • We provide comprehensive independent and international services from a single source
  • Our mystery shopping ensures reliable, objective results
  • We help you identify areas and processes with room for improvement
  • Our experienced experts provide methodology consultation and effective recommendations
  • Our services aim to boost customer satisfaction and strengthen your brand image