Cooperation between expert organization and technology provider

Strategic Collaboration of DEKRA and Microsoft for increased digital safety

Jul 14, 2022

The globally active expert organization DEKRA and Microsoft have now agreed a strategic collaboration. The aim of this partnership is to develop digital inspection solutions based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud to ensure increased digital safety especially in the transport sector and the work environment. The partnership also represents a milestone for the TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification) Industry.

  • Digital inspection solutions to be developed based on Microsoft Azure
  • First successful use of new Fast Battery Test for electric cars
  • Collaboration is an important milestone for the whole TIC Industry
“For decades, the DEKRA name has been synonymous with technical safety on the road, at work and at home,” said Stan Zurkiewicz, CEO and Chairman of DEKRA’s Management Boards. “As an innovative pioneer, we understand the considerable challenges posed by increasing digitalization when it comes to safety. So, I am delighted to have entered into this collaboration with Microsoft to develop inspection solutions for the digital world. We are a sought-after partner for the continuing development of legal testing requirements and will contribute the expertise we generate with Microsoft in these areas. Safety and security are basic human needs and the digital transformation provides for these.”
Joachim Franz, Industry Lead Automotive at Microsoft Germany adds, “We are delighted that DEKRA will work to offer new digital safety solutions based on the capabilities of Microsoft Azure with its cloud-based solutions in the inspection sector (IoT, AI, Analytics and Digital Twins).”
Ulrike Hetzel, CTO and member of DEKRA SE’s Management Board in charge of Services, Innovation and IT, stressed, “This strategic collaboration is a milestone, demonstrating the movement towards a deepening technological partnership with a global player of Microsoft’s standing. It will enable us to spearhead the development of digital inspection solutions in the TIC Industry.”
The first example of a service utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud is the patented DEKRA Fast Battery Check for electric cars which was recently demonstrated successfully. Validated by RWTH Aachen University and by car manufacturer’s tests, the “State-of-Health” check measures the condition of drive batteries quickly and reliably and is already being used by fleet operators.
Other services will also rely on the technological platform for digital inspection solutions delivered by Microsoft – utilizing IoT (Internet of Things), AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Data Analytics amongst other things. So-called digital twins can be used to create a virtual twin of the product which is to be tested.
This is becoming ever more important because, along with the examination of the technical safety, cybersecurity and software are becoming ever more important. The verification must cover whether the data integrity still fulfills the necessary legal requirements after the update.
“Digital twins are set to become increasingly important in the future and are expected to feature in almost all inspection services,” commented DEKRA CTO Ulrike Hetzel. This is why DEKRA, with the help of Microsoft Azure, will build digital twins of products over the coming months which are not yet available on the market. According to DEKRA, the use of digital twins will redefine testing services: The future of inspections lies in the combination of on-site and continuous remote monitoring.
At DEKRA alone, over 100 IT employees will be involved in the process under the leadership of DEKRA CIO Holger Ewald. In the future, digital solutions could be relevant for almost all of today’s testing services.