Sustainability Trainings & Workshops

In the face of growing public awareness of environmental issues, measures to boost sustainability are becoming increasingly relevant, especially in the business sector. Companies that provide training to employees on these topics are better able to mobilize their workforce in support of greater sustainability and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace as well.
Sustainability trainings and workshopsSustainability trainings and workshops
Educating employees on environmental topics and social responsibility is essential in the context of the current climate debate.
In addition, there is an expanding legal and regulatory framework around sustainability and the environmental impact. For example, the EU requires sustainability reporting (based on the accounting standards DRS 20) and adherence to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) guidelines, which have been in place since 2016.
Our sustainability training services provide employees with a solid foundation in all aspects of corporate sustainability.

Your Benefits

  • Individually tailored training carried out by sustainability experts
  • Image enhancement through greater awareness of social responsibility and environmentally relevant goals
  • Prevention of environmental risks
  • Customer loyalty through transparent sustainability measures

Our Approach

Drawing on many years of training experience, our specialists are available to answer any questions regarding environmentally friendly services and their integration into company processes. We respond to your individual needs and offer you appropriate training courses.
From the basics to advanced sustainability, measures, we provide individualized advice at every stage of your company's sustainability development. Our portfolio includes courses on sustainable construction, transport concepts, eco-design, climate strategies and internal communication. Our accredited coaches design the sustainability training courses to be informative, engaging and insightful.
Our sustainability training services are comprised of the following five steps:
  • Needs assessment
  • Selection of experts suited to your needs
  • Development of a training concept
  • Implementation of the individual training sessions
  • Written confirmation of participation in our sustainability training program


  • We are specialists in sustainability assessments and compliance audits.
  • We have a global network of experts and extensive knowledge of international environmental regulations.
  • We specialize in environmentally relevant assessments, expert reports and forecasts.